5 Best Skydiving Places in the World

One of the best adventure sports you can ever do is skydiving. Imagine diving off an airplane with a parachute and the control to open it in your hands. It is as extreme as you can get with a sport, and the feeling you get falling from such heights in unforgettable. Here are the best places around the world to have your first skydiving experience.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is the most extreme location for sky diving in the world. It is a region which is often preferred by professional skydivers. It has turquoise waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz alongside of the alps. You can go to this place through out the year to experience skydiving. You can go up to 14.000 feet to get the view of the peaks, water bodies and snow. The fair starts from US $470.


Skydiving in Hawaii is a whole different experience than Switzerland. The planes used for skydiving are energy efficient which offers a friendlier approach to the environment. It can be the most pleasant sky diving experience for you as you dive over the Hawaiian islands. During your dive, you can see the islands, rainforests, mountains, beaches from a whole different angle. Skydiving is available throughout the year, but weather conditons may affect your experience, and you get this experience starting from US $139.

Namib Desert, Namibia

After the mountains and islands, the next region you want to get your hand on for skydiving cannot be better than a vast expanse of desert. It is a whole different adventure diving into a heating dessert and rolling sand dunes. You can witness this vast expanse from a height of 10,000 feet. This place is open for skydiving from March to December, but only if the weather is sunny. It is not sugeested to sky dive during the stormy days as the sand storms can kill your parachute quick. You can get this experience starting at US $178.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

What better choice can you make for your next travel trip than New Zealand, the place that has it all. It offers several sky diving spots around the country but if you want an experience of the Ice and glaciers. You can jump from the height of 9,000, 13,000, and 16,500 feet and have the experience of the chilling air and the most stunning white canvas you have ever seen. Fox Glacier is also the second most scenic skydiving place in the world. You can get the experience throughout the year starting at US $139.

Mount Everest, Nepal

If you think you are done with mountains, think again. The highest peak in the world is not just a place to climb but also a place to jump. You can jump out of a plane from the Mount Everest with an instructor or even solo if you have prior experience. It is the highest drop zone that you can experience and also offer the scenic beauty of the Himalayas. The altitude of of 29,500 feet makes it the most thrilling and difficult accomplishment. It is also the most expensive skydiving experience in the world starting at US $30,000.