Must Have RV Accessories for a Travel Trailer

When you have a trailer, and you are ready to move across the states with your family or friends, there are a few must keep things that should be in your travel trailer. Having these few things can actually make your journey a lot more comfortable and pleasant.

A Silent Generator

You will need a generator for your trailer for sure. You will need it for using your electrical appliances during your camp. It is better if you can get a generator which can run smoothly so that you do not have to deal with the headache of a loud continuously running generator. You can find good noiseless generators at the same price as the old loud ones, so it is a must have if you bought a new trailer.


Most of the travel trailers come with mattress and pillows, but there will be no sheets for your bed. You will need to purchase extra sheets before you start your journey for two reasons. One that you need to get comfortable on the factory given mattresses, and two that you need to change the sheets during your journey as it can get sweaty and dirty very quick during the travel.

First Aid Kit

One of the most important things that you need in your RV is a first aid kit. Accidents are never meant to happen for a reason. You will need to keep the initial measures ready in case of any uninvited accidents. Some of the things which are a must in your first aid kit are bandages, sanitizer, painkillers, and a cream for the wound.

Water Pressure Regulator

The water regulars in an RV can sometimes have very high pressure and can create leakages and undue stress in your water system. Having water pressure regulators can help in solving this problem. It is fixed between your water hose and the RV tank so that it can prevent control the pressure and also prevent any leakages.


Hoses are important in an RV for two reasons. One that it can get you fresh water into your trailer from the water tanks in the city, and second to sprinkle the water out the black water tank while using your toilets. The ideal length of the hose can vary on different RVs. A hose which is too long can cause trouble in managing as the length of the pipe can become a problem for keeping inside your trailer.

Movies and Music

Remember that your RV trip is going to be a long journey so you need to keep enough entertainment for you and your company so you can keep the fun alive during the journey. Do not forget keeping the movie classics in your collection as you can always enjoy them. You can spend a good time in a camping site watching a good movie if you bring them along in the first place.